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Doug SternerIf someone had told me that these numbers would define my life-work, I'd have never believed it possible. It was certainly nothing I planned.

More than two decades ago I began building a website (*) and developing a database containing the citations for the highest valor awards to American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Fortunately I had the shoulders of great historians like Harry Stringer (WWI), Jane Blakeney (Marine Corps) and above all, the late Colonel Albert Gleim, to stand on.

I understand the passion of these great historians because I felt the same drive and passion to insure that the accounts of men and women who have received our highest combat decoration should never be "lost to history".

The military services neither track awards or compile award citations for any award other than the Medal of Honor. Two decades ago I began the seemingly impossible mission of fixing that problem. Unfortunately, my efforts including testimony before Congress, have failed to get a positive official response to the need for a comprehensive database of highly decorated American heroes.

I have estimated that somewhere near 350,000 awards above the Bronze Star have been awarded in history. My two decades of research has identified 200,000 of these, including 95% of all who received awards of the Silver Star or higher. I have compiled and digitized more than 80,000 of these awards including the citatons for every Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, and 85% of the Distinguished Service Crosses.

When I began this project in the early 1990s there were very few books available, even related to the Medal of Honor. In recent years much has been published about the Medal of Honor and recipients of that award, but other highly decorated Americans are vastly overlooked. I am determined to change that. In addition to continued research and digitizing of citations, over the last few years I have begun to these citation compendiums available in print form. It is my way of insuring that my decades of research and work "outlive me."

Feel free to click through the various pages of this, my new website. You are sure to find books that will interest you. In fact, not infrequently have individuals found a friend or relative listed in the database I curate for "Military Times" ( that did not even know that person had received such high awards. In a couple of instances, I have heard from combat veterans who found themselves listed for awards as high as the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star, who themselves, never knew they had received that high accolade.

These cases, and the fact that I know that these heroes will live on in history, is what motivates me. If all these books become my legacy, I will be satisfied to know I did my best and accomplished something important.

(2006) I Talk About The Need
for an Awards Database

Book Collection United States Military Heroes Volumes

The majority of my four dozen books currently in print are a part of a collection I call "United States Military Heroes". Some of them are reflected in the image at right although there are others such as the three volumes of Military Academy graduates, Navy Medical and Hospital Corps, and unit compilations that can be found under the "Unit-MOS Books" link. Additional such volumes are planned for production as well.

Each of these books is a large, 8 /12 x 11" volume, usually with 500+ pages, and each volume includes "notes" pages at the end for you to add personal notes you may want to include. Most reflect the citations for individual award recipients including personal data and in many cases, notes of interest and/or a photo. They are presented in the following format:

Usually the first volume in each set (branch or award) begins with historical information including history of the military awards system, known as "The Pyramid of Honor", as well as the historical background for the awards represented in that volume, and a table showing the number of awards.

Below is a screenshot from the Army Medal of Honor book that illustrates the basic format I follow for the citations and personal information.

MOH Citation


Often the last volume in each set (branch or award), as well as the stand-alone volumes, conclud with a series of appendixes that analyze the awards by such categories as rank, unit, MOS, academy, and more. These appendixes provide a wealth of information that cannot be found in other compilations of award citations. Further, major volumes such as the first set in the Medal of Honor books include "The Book of Leadership" that identifies the leadership of the branch of service including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Branch secretaries/commandant, and the senior enlisted leader. The "Table of Generals/Admirals" also identifies flag officers with basic information including their identified awards. Other appendixes included in some of these volumes are: Table of Navy/Marine Corps/Army/Air Force Air ACES, Prisoners of War, and more.

Below are screenshots of some of the history/appendix pages (the small images below are thumbnails - when you click on them a larger image opens. Hit your back arrow to return to this page.) Take a little time to view some of these samples of the "Bonus Information" you will find in most of my books.

Citation Sections
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Pyramid of Honor
Pyramid of Honor
MOH History
Medal of Honor
Double Recipients
MOH Double Recipients
Living Recipients
Living MOH Reccipients
Award History
Table of Awards
Table of Awards
Multiple Awards
Multiple Recipients
By Rank
Recipients by Rank
By Rank
Recipients by Rank
By Unit
Recipients by Unit
Chronology of Awards
By Hometown
Recipients by Hometown
Burial Location
Recipients by Burial Location
                   Book of Leadership and Generals/Admirals
Air Aces
Air Aces
Prisoners of War
Chair/Vice JCS
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chiefs and Secretaries
Senior Enlisted
Senior Noncommissioned Officers
Table of Generals/Admirals


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*After 20 continuous years online, in 2018 I "passed the torch" that was my website to a veteran advocate and leader of the younger generation. He is carrying that important work into the future. will continue to provide a wealth of military history information for decades to come.